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MAY  2019

Signed with the manufacturer Shield Arms of Bigfork - Montana - US an exclusivity distributor contract for the submachine guns cal. ˖40 S & W.



Geico and ISHSE - Technology Swiss HSE S.A., from Lugano - Switzerland, signed a commercial collaboration agreement for partnership within  the light armaments sector.

The TSHSE has a history of 170 years dating back to 1848 as SIG - Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft.



Tom Jobim Airport in Rio, receiving Captain Mauro Cugnasco for training and commissioning.

HTI Tom Jobim.jpg

MAY 2018
Geico wins and international bid to supply a HTI 525 hovercraft for Tom Jobim Airport (Rio-Galeao) Rescue Team in Rio de Janeiro.


Fimer connects its 11 MW power inverters to the net.

Bom Jesus da Lapa.jpg

MAY 2017

In view of the large increase in distributed generation in Brazil, GEICO signs an agreement with the international group AEC to provide energy storage systems for solar generation projects from 3.3 kW.

Learn more clicking in the link:   SELF CONSUMPTION GRID TIED PV INVERTER

MARCH 2017

Available now in Brazil for solar projects over 400kW the ESS - ENERGY  STORAGE SYSTEM,  from FIMER, a centralized energy storage system.

Learn more clicking on the link:  ESS-ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM

APRIL 2016

Started in Manaus-AM the Piracurú Cargo 30 program production, a 30 ton cargo hovercraft able to transport containers with the following characteristics:

- Length 28 m
- Width 14 m
- Payload 30 ton
- Motorization 2x800 HP + 2x600 HP
- Consumption 500 l / h
- Cruising speed 35 knots



Fimer, represented by Geico, supplied 11 MW solar inverters for the ENEL Fontes Pernambuco power plant in Brazil. Is the largest plant up to this date in operation and represents 44% of all solar energy in Brazil.


Cellini - General Tecnology Contractor de Prato - Itália and Geico signed a technical / commercial collaboration for EPC development in the renewable sector in Brazil.


Eletricidade Moderna Magazine - December 2013




Fimer from Milan - Italy decided to concentrate its activities in the solar sector for Brasil with Geico. The results of the unities reach very high standards as 98,8%.

JULY 2013

An important industry from Sao Paulo orders a 800 KVA static frequency converter from SIEL to operate in a productive sector in 50Hz.


A HVAC, air conditioning for oil platforms and emergency fire estinguishing technical collaboration contract, was signed with the company DMR - Impianti from Genova, Italy.


The consortium which is raising the Jirau Dam hydroelectric currently under construction on the Madeira River in the state of Rondônia, ordered a hovercraft Alfeo for the logistic support of the construction works.



An important multinational in the Country, that due to contractual reasons cannot be mentioned at the moment, ordered a Hovercraft Alfeo from Phoenix to supply support to operations in area of difficult access.
The equipment transports up to 400Kg with a displacement speed of up to 100Km


Defined the partnership among Geico and IREM from Torino - ITALY for the commercialization of the line ECOWATT HYDRO constituted of electric micro power plants that use Pelton or Banki turbines, the second of flow and unevenness available conditions.


Concluded the agreement of commercial collaboration with ELIT from Piacenza - ITALY specialized in 400Hz converters for airports and ports, being in the standard version or for fingers assemblies.
Elit is also a supplier of constant current converters for airports and public illumination.


Concluded the tests favorably, the monophase inverters support power were given to the operation system of Preidente Medici Thermal Center in Candiota, Rio Grande do Sul.
Fed by banks of batteries of 1.250 Ah, sustain the system in case of AC feeding lack.
Those equipments are part of the package of Invensys System Brasil Ltd supply pack in the extent of the program to revitalize the Thermal Center.
The complementation of the supply the rectifiers 400th - 200 Vcc and 400 THE - 48Vcc for the same system of supervision of the Plant are under production.


Corveta Barroso Proteção NBQ

JULY 2007

In a meeting held at Milan-Italy at the headquarters of the hovercraft company manufacturer Phoenix Hovercrafts it was signed a commercial partnership between said company and Geico which will assume the position of Referring Agent for Brazil.


Signed contract to supply a 7200 mc/h Air NBQ filtration for a militar embarkation under construction at Rio de Janeiro marine arsenal. It will be supplied by Sagi Cofim from Milan being Gesco Millesimo the system integrator. Geico coordinated the commercial issues with the Brazilian Authorities


APRIL 2003

The Metropolitan Underground Tube Company of São Paulo installed in the Vila Mariana station the first static switch/ inverter group from the 20 that will complete the north-south line. It is a supply of SMS of Diadema that won a public tender.
The development, made under the technical consultancy of Geico, took one year and the same time was necessary for the rigorous certification of the Underground Company.
The equipments requested are of absolute reliability being the feeders of the traffic supervision systems of the trains flow.


Rio de Janeiro Navy Arsenal - Release of the Barroso Corvette. GEICO representative was invited in view of the important contract supply obtained for this unit towards the Brazilian Navy to be supplied in the next stage of the construction.


JULY 2002

In a meeting in Panama City with the directors' of the holding participation, it was commemorated the 20 years of GEICO in Brazil. To adapt the social reason of the company to the current activity notably enlarged in initial comparison, it was in the occasion decided to change the name to GEICO MULTITECNOLOGIA.

APRIL 2002



Technology of Diadema / São Paulo, assisting the contract celebrated with INFRAERO

has just energized the UPS supplied to the AEROSPACE BASE OF ALCÂNTARA,

in the state of Maranhão - Brasil. Those equipments have specific characteristics

that assist the meteorological radars in the BASE as well as the monitoring radars of the vectors in the launching phase. GEICO are the technical

consultant and commercial support of SMS for large equipments and had

active participation in obtaining this important supply.


MARCH 2002

On March 26, 2002 in the Arsenal of the Brazilian Navy of Rio de Janeiro, a contract of conditioned air and ventilation supply of Barroso Corvette, presently under construction in the Arsenal, was signed between the Brazilian Navy and the company Limoli of Genova - Italy. In the pictures follow some moments of the important ceremony:


                       Admiral Pinto Corrêa, Director of the Arsenal with
                       the participants of the event, signing the contract

       Admiral Salgado, Admiral Pinto Correia, Franco Ferrucci and Cristina            Limoli