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Available and equipped for Police, Marine, Border Police, Firefighters, Environmental Patrol, Salvage.

Unsinkable: RIB aligned in Hypalon, completely filled with fire resistant modules by closed cell foam of 15 kg / m3.

Reliability and power from 175 to 4800 HP, 4-stroke, from 18 to 77 feet.

Hull available with Kevlar / Carbon ballistic protection.

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The hovercraft HTI 1105 MIL with 950 HP engine transports 3 tons between military and equipment with speed up to 95 km / h.

It is equipped with 0.50 machine gun and Nato NJ4A armor



Hovercraft is an air-cushion vehicle (ACV) contained within a skirt. The high-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface below, forcing the hull upwards. The total weight that the hovercraft can support is the same the pressure of air multiplied by its area.

To yield efficient this air function a neoprene skirt it is placed around accomplished in sections.


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OPERA 60 is a super speedboat -  S.U.V. (Sport Utility Vessel) of incomparable style, with 18 m, wide deck and can carry up to 30 passengers. Unsinkable. Speeds over 40 knots.


Also in military version.


Great maneuverability, category A to strength 6.


Less water displacement, therefore less consumption.


Ballistic protection in nanoceramics.

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Efficient and economical multifunctional vehicle for Marinas, Firemen, Police departments, Rescue.


Filling with closed cell foam, protected by 860 anti-cut Hypalon®, guarantees buoyancy in any climatic and marine condition. The rescue vessel Jetrescue ™ is made in rigid inflatable model (RIB) with rigid hull, also available in Kevlar® hull (also including ballistic protection up to VAT Level).


Can be factory equipped with 2,700 liters per minute fire pump and fire monitor.


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It is the most innovative and unique Fire Fighting tool in the world; applies a mixture of water with 2 types of additives.


Fire extinguishing in up to 14 seconds, compared to a conventional system that can last for hours.


Applicable also in aftermath, industrial cooling, odor control, air pollution reduction, oil spill dissolution, among other functions.




Also available in a sturdy 4x4 All Terrain version for fire protection in woodland and forest environments.

Total operator protection: air-conditioned cab, soundproofed, smoke, dust and chemical air filtration system.



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Suppresses up to 90% of dust particles carried by air and has a range of 30 to 500 meters.

Fog Cannon® is designed to address the problem of airborne particles and dust generated by open pit mining activities, general demolition works, solvent dispersion or industrial handling of materials such as loading and unloading of trucks or wagons, transferences by conveyor belts, bulk hoppers, etc.


Available in manual or fully automated version.




Fogevaporator ® was designed to eliminate mineral waste using recovered materials in construction.
The process consists in an initial reduction of the amount of water up to 50/70% and the successive furnace pelletizing.   



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High-power, ultra-quiet generators, only 48 dB (A) a.

Production of Power Generators that for years have set the world standard for sound insulation, reducing noise emissions to up to 48db (A) over a distance of 7 meters.

Use in hospitals, residential areas (day / night), shopping malls, film sets, events with limited space, etc.

The BRAVE series (400 to 2000 kva) has a fast logistical transport system.                  

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Cal 0.45 new revolver concept


Submachine guns cal. 0˖40 S&W


Pistol  Caliber  7X23 PENNA