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The FOGFIREFIGHTING system is a high pressure mist firefighting system designed to make the most of suppression of fires with the lowest possible water level.

Long range (up to 475 m) for forest fire suppression, in buildings or chemical storage tanks where fires can take weeks.

Ability to cover areas of thousands of square meters.

Over 22 years of combined experience in this Swiss-made industry, we have the level of engineering expertise to design and the right system for any application.

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Water mist systems extinguish fires using the following basic principles:

Cooling - Water atomization generates a massive surface reaction area and therefore results in extremely efficient cooling. As the mist is converted to steam, it removes heat from the fire source quickly and effectively.

Making Inert- Rapid vaporization of water droplets draws energy from the fire. Water vapor, which is 1640 times larger than liquid water, displaces oxygen from the source of the fire, thus creating a choking effect similar to an extinguishing gas, dispersing the oxidizer.

Humidify - Especially for Class A fires, wetting the surface helps extinguish and contain the fire.

Reduce Smoke - Great damage to people in fires comes from the smoke and gases released and not from the fire itself.



The 'MicroMist' system employs a specific nozzle that provides excellent fire suppression performance and is designed and tested for use in the protection of common combustible materials (Class A) and flammable liquids (Class B).

Droplet Size: The smaller the droplet size the more assertive the suppression of fires. 500 psi max is best suited for all fires and for resulting air pollution and dust.



Each nozzle flows approximately 8 liters per minute of water at 310 psi (21 Bar). A single FogFireFighting system is capable of protecting 260 m3 areas with a maximum ceiling height of 4.9 m.

Systems are NFPA 750 pressure defined, standard for low, medium and high pressure systems. Low pressure systems operate at the same pressures as sprinkler systems operate, average between 175 psi and 500 psi and high at 500 psi and above. The highest pressure water mist system we have created is about 2,300 psi.

Stainless steel nozzle and tubing. Particulate matter in piping systems is harmful to  nozzles, so the system is added with filters that prevent all particles up to 5 microns or double filter up to 1 micron. Replace every 12 months or when visibly dirty.

Additionally AFFF or F500 additives may be added.

The FogFireFighting system is offered in 267 and 423 liter configurations. Each system package is skid mounted and includes all valves and actuation components required for system operation.


System nozzles are ordered separately. Each FogFireFighting package is pre-assembled and tested to ensure system reliability and simplify ease of installation.



AFFF 60/2000 4x4 and ATOM FFF 100/2000 6x4.

• Total machine height (with cab) 136 cm.
• Reach: up to 100 meters.
• Available tank capacity: 7000 liters.
• Laser cutting, high strength steel frame, galvanized, with rear     

    bumper and blower. Completely protected in the bottom, like a

• 4 or 6 wheel drive and electric steering.
• Tires 31x15.50-15.
• Hydrostatic transmission.
• Stainless steel fuel tanks and hydraulic oil.
• Heavy duty mechanical axles.
• Parabolic spring suspension with rubber shock absorbers.
• Hydrostatic braking, hydraulic brakes immersed in the wheels;

    parking brake.
• Power steering system can be adjusted in 3 positions:  2-wheel steering,  4-wheel steering, 4-wheel stage (crab style, for side slopes or slippery floors). Overcome slopes above 60%.
• Mechanical gearbox to drive the pump clutch, fan and chemical

    pump with electromagnetic clutches
• Chemical premixer for additives.
• 5MT Fogcannon Periscope (optional).


It has self-propelled option. All remotes available with joystick control from dual band radio frequency at 150 meters.

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The FOGFIREFIGHTER is a rugged machine with unique compact body, power and lateral maneuverability for hard to reach areas.

Allows a significant reduction in fire suppression time with total safety for the operator on board.

The equipment has soundproofing cabin, integrated air conditioning system with air filter set against smoke, particulates and chemicals with great ventilation efficiency. Frontal air inlet A.R.I. The system allows clean air to escape, preventing smoke recirculation. The lossless air conveyor is designed to allow symmetrical and uniform application.